Cacko ROM 1.22 Hints and Tips

Thanks to mikew from ZUG for creating these instructions!

Installation Instructions

Pre-Installation Tips

Check list of known problems in the FAQ located at to make sure that these do not affect you.

Make a note of all the applications you have installed on the Zaurus by going through each tab

Load Add/Remove software & select Uninstall packages, make a note of the version number next to each application as well as any dependant software. Any applications not on the list will be built into the ROM. See example notes below.

Create a directory in the root of the SD card called IPKGfiles & using the above information copy all IPKG files for installation to this folder, so they can be installed in bulk.

Backup & copy all files to the PC, including files on flash cards. Never sure what is included in the standard Zaurus backup so I always copy all the files in Flash, SD & CF cards to my PC, also it allows you to recover individual files when required.

Take an extra copy of any files/folders containing data that you want to transfer to the new Cacko ROM, for example:


Make a note of any special setting in applications and Settings Tab.

Synchronise your PIM applications with a PC, for example, using Outlook.

Cacko Installation Tips

Remove all flash cards & insert CF card containing new system files.

Enter region & user information when prompted.

Change the screen settings when on battery, as the default settings allow the Zaurus to timeout to a blank screen without switching the Zaurus off.

Remove upgrade CF card & insert usual flash card(s).

Post Cacko Installation Tips

Create/Rename application tabs to your liking.

Re-install all applications via Konsole:-

cd /mnt/card/IPKGfiles
ipkg install *.ipk

Ignore the Cacko application feed error messages, this will be fixed once you have this working.

Copy any desktop applications files into other folders, where you require an application to be in more than 1 folder. You require root privilege to do this

Use the GUI installer to install any application this will refresh the application tabs or reboot the Zaurus, so all the applications appear.

Portabase users: Load portabase & open an existing file, this will automatically associate portabase files with the portbase application

Check all applications have been installed by looking in ipkg install file in /usr/lib/ipkg/status, note any failures for re-installation.

Fix installation failures: Using an editor with root privilege, remove any entries containing the word error in the file named /usr/lib/ipkg/status, this file may also be located on your flash cards, if you installed appliocationbs to these devices.

Make sure each application is in the correct folder(s) & in your preferred order.

Recover any data files, take special care with DTM files as you need to change the file names from lower to upper case by adding a 1 to the end of each file name & then changing each name to upper case & removing the 1 at the end. (This must be done on the Zaurus or a LINUX PC connected via the USB port)

Example Application Notes

TKC Folder


My Applications

Check ipkg install file in /usr/lib/ipkg/status & remove any entries containing errors, that would stop the GUI installer working.

Change any settings to your own preference:

Test all applications & make application changes where required for example fast load, display with magnified screen & root privilege.

Test keyboard, particularly the use of / , ? . Keys & correct if required. Edit file /home/Zaurus/Applications/cyrillica/english-uk. Locate keyboard section & edit so it looks like this

60 , , ,
61 / / /
62 ? ? ?

Identify any special keys for example and Euro

Backup complete system

Copy all files using a new folder, indicating that it is Cacko version 1.22, so you know which backups are related to the new version of Cacko.

Known Issues

AutoConnect: Switch off autoconnect if you experience networking problems.

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