OPIE & Qtopia 1.6.2 Applications for Sharp ROM 3.10

A set of OPIE & Qtopia 1.6.2 applications back ported to Sharp ROM 3.10 & compatible ROMs. Applications were rebuilt staticaly with peices of OPIE & Qtopia 1.6.2 source code, so that libopie & libqtopia are not needed.

The following applications/applets are currently ported:

Battery Applet - from Qtopia 1.6.2

What's new for version 1.0.2:

  • Added user-configurable power levels in ~/Settings/qpe.conf> file, i.e. what power percentage should be considered low, very low and critical levels:

    low = 20
    veryLow = 10
    critical = 5

  • Updated power level detection based on current percentage
  • Updated installation package to properly restore original applet upon unustall

What's new for version 1.0.1:

  • Now displaying percentage of remaining battery power. Note that on current Sharp ROM battery percentage display in not accurate. We'll soon release (as a part of Cacko ROM project) an updated kernel with APM patches from OZ, which will enable display of accurate battery power percentage.
  • Added button to launch Power Settings application

Brightness Applet - from Qtopia 1.6.2

  • Control display brightness from the popup window
  • Turn off LCD screen

What's new for version 1.0.1:

  • Fixed small bug: Reading and saving brightness settings is now consistent with Light&Power Settings application

Advanced File Manager

  • Fixed some minor problems with toolbar and file icons

Card Monitor

  • Added icon for bluetooth CF cards
  • Changed tray icon
  • Fixes to display CF and SD card icons on Sharp ROM 3.10
  • Launcher is refreshed when SD card inserted/removed

IRDA Applet

  • Changed tray icon - alpha blended for disabled irda
  • Applied fixes to work with IRDA device properly on Sharp ROM

System Info

  • Show/hide swapfile dynamicaly (when it's turned on or off)
  • Show CPU frequency

What's new for version 1.0.1:

  • Now runs properly on SL5600 (thanks to Cedric Bompart for testing). CPU frequency is not available on SL5600.

Text Edtitor

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to application quiting
  • Disabled all Doclink features - just plain text editing.
  • Does not add .txt extention to saved files

What's new for version 1.0.1:

  • Fixed problem with text selection
  • Added missing icons
  • Added Undo, Redo, Select All, Clear actions
  • Disabled context menu - way too buggy on Sharp ROM...

Clock with alarm

The ipk files can be downloaded here:


This software is released under GNU General Public Lisence

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