Cacko ROM - English Qtopia ROM for Sharp Zaurus C7x0/C860/C1000/C3100/C3200

Cacko ROM is a localized English ROM based on Sharp Japanese ROM for Sharp Zaurus C7x0/C860/C1000/C3100/C3200 devices.

Cacko ROM 1.23 full and lite versions are released!

Read full release notes here: release-notes-1.23.txt and release-notes-1.23-lite.txt

Please, use Cacko Feed mirror ( to install packages on Lite version. Main feed will be updated soon.

Lite version of the Cacko ROM 1.22 is released!

Lite version is a special release of Cacko 1.22, which includes only a minimum set of programs and libraries. Everything else is available for installation from Cacko feed. You can read full release notes here: release-notes-1.22-lite.txt

Hotfix A for Cacko ROM 1.22 is released!

This updates resolves some issues, discovered in version 1.22. Read complete release notes here: release-notes-1.22a.txt
The hotfix package is compatible with both full and lite ROM versions.

Cacko ROM 1.22 FAQ

Cacko ROM 1.22 Hints and Tips

Cacko ROM 1.22 Japanese HOWTO

Cacko Bugs Database

Version 1.23 is out, featuring:

Version 1.22 is out, featuring:

Cacko ROM now has its own dedicated feed ( ), preconfigured in Package Manager.

You can see release notes for previous versions 1.20-1.22a here:

Cacko ROMs can be downloaded from the ZUG web site:

Absolete versions (links are broken):

Alternative Japanese kernel for Cacko ROMs 1.22 and 1.23 are available for download from ZUG web site:

Japanese kernel allows to add full Japanese support to Cacko ROM by installing additional packages provided in Cacko ROM feed.

Kernel source used in Cacko ROMs is available here:

Tarballs of patches to the kernel and configuration files are available here:

Please, visit Zaurus User Group Downloads section to download other Cacko ROM versions

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