Kino2 - Qtopia GUI for mplayer

This is the homepage of Kino2 media player.

Version 0.4.3c is out!

Version 0.4.3c is yet another small update, including:

Version 0.4.3b is out!

Version 0.4.3b is another small update, including:

Version 0.4.3a is out!

Version 0.4.3a is a small update, including:

Version 0.4.3 is out!

Please, report bugs at

New features:

New options:

New keys:

Issues resolved:

Misc changes:

Version 0.4.2 is out! What's new:

Note that mplayer is now a separate package, so make sure to install one of the following packages:

For C3000/C1000/C3100:

For 5600, 6000 and C7x0/860: mplayer-bvdd_1.1.5-1_arm.ipk

Kino2 uses ATI w100 driver for C7x0/860 and defaut fbdev for 5600 and 6000 models. For C3000/C1000/C3100 bvdd driver is automaticaly selected.

On ROMs other than Cacko a sudo package is needed to be able to change CPU frequency during playback!
Sudo package for Sharp ROM 3.10 can be downloaded here.
Also, an updated battery applet needs to be installed: qtopia-commbbatteryapplet_1.0.6_arm.ipk

Version 0.4 is out, featuring:

Supported formats:

The ipk files as well as sources can be downloaded here:

This software is released under GNU General Public Lisence

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