Qtopia Alarm Clock Advanced

Qtopia Alarm Clock Advanced is an updated version of application created by Dafydd Walters <dwalters@users.sourceforge.net>.
The new version has a bunch of new features that I've been missing myself, so I added them:

New for version 1.0.9:

Many thanks to Ray Lambert for helping me out to resolve several GUI issues in this version!

New for version 1.0.8:

New for version 1.0.7:

New for version 1.0.6:

Note: Playing wav file as alarm is an experimantad feature. There are some known problems and limitations:

If you don't want to test this new feature, you can use older versions (1.0.4 or 1.0.5) available for download below.

An archive with sample files converted to requried format can be downloaded below.

New for version 1.0.5:

New for version 1.0.4:

Some screenshots with new features shown:

The ipk file as well as sources can be downloaded here:

The homepage of original Qtopia Alarm Clock application is: http://qpealarmclock.sf.net/

This software is released under GNU General Public Lisence

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