Cacko ROM 1.22 FAQ


Q: After I had re-partition the flash to 27 M, the machine rebooted but it stuck at the sharp pleae wait....screen. And there is "Enter runlevel:" What is the problem??
A: I'm not sure you've read the readme file carefully. It says:

11. Select "5 Flash repartition", enter 27 when prompted for root partition size.
12. Flash will be repartioned and Zaurus will reboot.

13. Repeat steps 2-10 again and wait for the menu start menu.

Q: Does this ROM work with 6000L?
A: No, this ROM is only for C700, C750, C760 and C860. C3000 model may be supported in the future, when I get such device.

Q: Can I make a backup in 1.21b ROM using Backup/Restore application and then restore it?
A: Absolutely NO.

Q: How do I get my Addressbook from 1.21b to 1.22?
A: The most reliable way is to sync 1.21b with your PC, flash 1.22 and the sync again. Another option is to save /home/zaurus folder and then restore it. The best is to restore that directory outside of Qtopia so that fastloaded applications can reread their data when Qtopia restarts. Also, if you copy your files into a FAT formatted files, it's recommended that you create a tarball and then restore it instead of copying all files, so that permissions and case is preserved:

Source Z:
cd /home
tar -cvf zaurus.tar zaurus
cp zaurus.tar /mnt/card

Target Z:
cd /home
cp /mnt/card/zaurus.tar .
tar -xvf zaurus.tar zaurus
sudo reboot


Q: Well the only little thing (at first glance) is that the screen shows gostings on the letters. How do I fix that.
A: Add "echo 75 > /proc/driver/w100/fastsysclk" to startup script (for example, /opt/QtPalmtop/qpe.sh)

Q: How to remove default wallpaper?.
A: Delete /opt/QtPalmtop/pics144/wallpaper/default.png file.

Q: Small icons are not displayed properly in magnified mode.
A: Install small icons package from Cacko feed.

Q: I can't see the UniKeyboard input method.
A: Install UniKeyboard package from Cacko feed.

Q: Charging doesn't stop.
A: Will be fixed in Cacko 1.22 kernel update (not yet available).

Q: I resumed my C760 and after a short time the display swirched off(into totally black). The LEDs still were on (charging + new email) but no key could switch the LCD on.
A: The problem is, that in powersave-mode the screen is switched off instatnly (instead of going darker after 15 seconds). The solution is easy, just start to charge the Z. On external power the screen is switched on again and you can change the light settings (just change the time for dimming the screen in battery mode).
To avoid this problem, always set minimum brightness level via hardware keys (Fn + 3) rather than applet.

Network Connectivity

Q: How to I get my wireless card to be recognised?
A: Check entry for your card in /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf file. Get details of your card with cardctl ident command. You can remove entries for all other cards so they don't get in your way. Also remember that you need to restart pcmcia after editing config file (/etc/rc.d/init.d/pcmcia restart)

Q: Sandisk Connect Plus 128 doesn't seem to work properly when I plug it in. It is identified as there is a popup as it is inserted but then nothing more happens.
A: Hostap driver supports this card, but additional steps are needed to make it actualy working. See this thread for details:
Also this card needs firmware to be downloaded:

     prism2_srec -gs wlan0 PM010101.hex
     iwpriv wlan0 reset 1
     prism2_srec -rp wlan0 RF010704.hex

Q: My wireless card fails to connect to my network. What should I do?
A: Turn off Autoconnect option in Network Settings application. Change ESSID from "Any" to your network specific value.

Q: How to configure WPA?
A: Follow these steps:

After that connect to your network via Network Applet as usual. Note that sometimes it may take a couple of attempts to connect.

Q: How do I make wellenreiter detect my wrieless interface?
A: Create a network connection (with any parameters). Before starting wellenreiter, type the followng in console:

cardctl scheme qpewlan0
cardctl reset
Your wireless card should start blinking. Now start wellnreiter and it will detect your wireless interface properly.

Q: I need two different BT-connections, one for my GPRS-Nokia-Handy, which is a ppp-modem-link and the other for my desktop machine, which is a PAN-connection. I can configure each connection profile ALONE and make it work without any problems. But when I install both profiles, afterwards I can only see the ppp-connection. The PAN-connection appears in the list of the network template, but when I try to start it, I can't see it in the start menu.
A: This happens in rare cases. As a temporary workaround, install older version of PAN plugin from http://my-zaurus.narod.ru/bluetooth.html

Q: For some reason the PC Link applet won't save the hostname that I specify.
A: Reboot your Zaurus after setting new name.


Q: Using Ratoc USB Host CF card. How to add supported for USB stiocks, which are not recognised?
A: Get your USB product info by PC with usbview (under linux), then enter your this data in /etc/hotplug/usb.handmap file and reinsert the stick.

Software Installation

Q: Where is the Cacko ROM feed?
A: Package Manager is already preconfigured with http://cacko.biz/cacko/feed

Q: I don't see any packages when I point my browser to the feed. What's up?
A: Download http://cacko.biz/cacko/feed/Packages file and the get each package individualy.

Q: I can't install via the GUI (ipkg said something went wrong). At the console I get the message:

    'The following package were previously requested but have not been installed: error
    Install them now [Y/n]?'
A: Go to a console prompt and type:
ipkg remove error
It will give some complaint about not finding the package "error" and then say it is purging all references to "error" from the database, and then you shouldn't get that message anymore.
If this doesn't help, thend elete /usr/lib/ipkg folder and also similar folders from CF and SD cards. That should help with those error messages and GUI Package Manager will be able to install packages.

Q: I don't like kino2, I want Sharp Music Player back. Where is it?
A: In Cacko feed along with Sharp Video Player.

Application Specific

Q: I can't launch zsh or vim anymore, it gives this error:

     zsh: error while loading shared libraries: zsh: undefined symbol: __umodsi3
My favourite editor joe doesn't work any more. I think the problem is ncurses. May be the new version of libncurses isn't compatible or I broke it when installing other packages. The error message is: error while loading shared libraries: joe: undefined symbol: __udivsi3
A: I found that simply creating a file /etc/ld.so.preload containing the line:
fixed the __udivsi3 undefined symbol problem Also installing a copy of ncurses 4 library from Cacko feed will help.

Q: I'm using Deutsch kayboard layout and I can't enter "?".
A: Edit /home/zaurus/cyrillica/deutsch file, find [keyboard] section and add the following entries:

','    ','    '/'
'/'    ','    ','
'?'    '?'    '.'
After that launch Keyboard Settings application and click OK, so that kaymaps are reloaded.

Q: I installed VNC server from Cacko feed but when connecting to Zaurus using VNC client keyboard and mouse don't work.
A: Set "Execute with root privilege (not secure)" flasg on VNC server icon

Q: Can I read Google Mail using Sharp Email client?.
A: Yes:

Q: I can't create a swapfile in RAM.
A: Only CF and SD cards are supported, although the RAM option is present.

Q: How to run SNES with libSDL included in the 1.22 ROM?.
A: To run SNES in 640x480 mode, create a startup script:

snes9x -x2 -xs 640 -ys 480 
To run SNES in 320x240 with more FPS (frames per second) use this script:
export SDL_FB_SIZE=320x240 
snes9x -xs 320 -ys 240 

Q: Can I switch tasks with keybiard?.
A: Yes, Shift + Home or Shift + Menu depending on your taste.

Q: Opera/Hancom/etc stopped working. They don't launch anymore.
A: The problem may be with the size of the root partition. There is always some amount of bad blocks in NAND flash, but they are marked and not used by the filesystem. However if there are too many of them, then there may be not enought of free space to use instead of bad blocks, which currupts the file system. In such case, try to feflash your Zaurus with larger root partition size (you may need to try 28, 29 or even 30 Mb depending on your particular case)

Q: My USB flash stick is not recognised when connected to Ratoc USB Hst.
A: 1. Get your USB product info by PC with usbview (under linux)
2. Enter your this data in usb.handmap in /etc/hotplug
3. Reinsert your USB device

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